Online Class Schedule

This Week’s Schedule & What to Expect:

Mon 9/28 – Center & Restore to Breathe Easier

6-7pm PDT (9-10pm EST)

  • Restorative yoga with gentle and deep core strengthening.
  • Wiggly, low-impact, standing warm-up followed by ooey gooey floor time.
  • This first class will remind your body to exhale completely and soften to receive fuller inhales.

Weds 9/30 – Ass Class – Discover & Strengthen Your Weaker Glute: Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockets EVERYWHERE (not just on one side)

5:30-6:15pm PDT (8 – 9:15pm EST)

  • Think barre/pilates mat work
  • + some HIIT work (sometimes)
  • ending w/ restorative stretching

Thurs 10/1 – Doodle School – Unlock Your Creativity w/ Basic Shapes

5-6pm PDT (8-9pm EST)

  • Doodling is believed to relieve psychological distress while boosting your attention span, memory, communication skills, and clarity. ART HEALS.
  • Encourage your roommates, children, and others to join you if you want! Your admission covers whoever is there and willing to get weird on paper.

How to Show Up:

  • All classes designed for bare feet (yes. even Doodle School.)
  • Yoga mat on a hard surface recommended for Mon & Weds movement classes. No props needed (however, you’ll love pillows or a blanket roll under your knees in savasana. smoke ’em if ya got ’em.)
  • Doodle School supply recommendations:
    • Glide-y, dope-alicious pens. 2+ colors and, yes, black and “different black” count as 2 colors in a pinch
    • Heaps of (ideally) unlined paper
    • You’re welcome to use a journal/sketchbook but will want looseleaf on hand, too (some of our creativity-freeing exercises churn through paper)

Sign Me Up, Scotty!

  • $12 per class.
  • Or, MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOUR ASS AND SANITY and grab a 10-class pack for $95.
  • No one turned away for lack of funds – DM me for scholarship options.
  • Proper process forthcoming! Until then, please bear w/ me and…
    • 1. pay through your preferred channel:
      • Venmo: @Lizzy-house
      • PayPal or Zelle: phone#: (339)222-8508
      • Facebook: Lizzy House, AND
    • 2. shoot me an email or text so I can get you the zoom link and password.

Heart Math

It’s math. It works. And it feels good. Which is cool.

The HeartMath Experience

The Heart Math Institute has scientifically studied the heart-brain connection and “heart brain’s” intelligence since the ‘60s.

They’re offering the above documentary for free during the fucktangular reign of COVID-19-uncertainty. It includes simple, transformational breathing and meditation techniques.