Online Class Schedule

This Week’s Schedule & What to Expect:

Mon 9/28 – Center & Restore to Breathe Easier

6-7pm PDT (9-10pm EST)

  • Restorative yoga with gentle and deep core strengthening.
  • Wiggly, low-impact, standing warm-up followed by ooey gooey floor time.
  • This first class will remind your body to exhale completely and soften to receive fuller inhales.

Weds 9/30 – Ass Class – Discover & Strengthen Your Weaker Glute: Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockets EVERYWHERE (not just on one side)

5:30-6:15pm PDT (8 – 9:15pm EST)

  • Think barre/pilates mat work
  • + some HIIT work (sometimes)
  • ending w/ restorative stretching

Thurs 10/1 – Doodle School – Unlock Your Creativity w/ Basic Shapes

5-6pm PDT (8-9pm EST)

  • Doodling is believed to relieve psychological distress while boosting your attention span, memory, communication skills, and clarity. ART HEALS.
  • Encourage your roommates, children, and others to join you if you want! Your admission covers whoever is there and willing to get weird on paper.

How to Show Up:

  • All classes designed for bare feet (yes. even Doodle School.)
  • Yoga mat on a hard surface recommended for Mon & Weds movement classes. No props needed (however, you’ll love pillows or a blanket roll under your knees in savasana. smoke ’em if ya got ’em.)
  • Doodle School supply recommendations:
    • Glide-y, dope-alicious pens. 2+ colors and, yes, black and “different black” count as 2 colors in a pinch
    • Heaps of (ideally) unlined paper
    • You’re welcome to use a journal/sketchbook but will want looseleaf on hand, too (some of our creativity-freeing exercises churn through paper)

Sign Me Up, Scotty!

  • $12 per class.
  • Or, MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOUR ASS AND SANITY and grab a 10-class pack for $95.
  • No one turned away for lack of funds – DM me for scholarship options.
  • Proper process forthcoming! Until then, please bear w/ me and…
    • 1. pay through your preferred channel:
      • Venmo: @Lizzy-house
      • PayPal or Zelle:¬†¬†phone#: (339)222-8508
      • Facebook: Lizzy House, AND
    • 2. shoot me an email or text so I can get you the zoom link and password.