Hello again, world

It’s been 911 days since my last post. Here we go again.


What a time to be alive.

I’ve been tearing myself between sensing that “I haven’t taken a vacation in years; I should veg, put no pressure on discerning the path forward,” and this internal mandate to “learn all the things and decide all the things RIGHT NOW AND BY NOW I MEAN YESTERDAY.”

It’s a practice to put down that tug of war and stay present, to remain open to learning and growing through all activities and inactivities.

Take yesterday’s virtual coffee date for instance: a fellow coach shared she’s discouraged from marketing (or even offering) her services. She’s comparing herself to all the professionally branded coaches. Where they’re “presentable,” she’s punk rock. Where they have pricey packages and glossy worksheets, she’s doing kitchen hair and trash crafts.

I pushed back, “what if we have an obligation to do what we love? What if we’re given these skills and passions for a reason? What if there’s an intersection of what we love and what the world needs and we won’t find it by telling ourselves we don’t deserve it, we aren’t enough? What if you’re not everyone’s inspiration but you’re somebody’s? And how will you impact them if you’re hiding?”

So, here I go, taking my own advice. Doing the things I like. Sharing the things I learn and the things I think. And sneaky hoping they benefit some of you dear, fellow earthlings.